About Scungio Borst
Scungio Borst & Associates is an international construction management firm, which serves as a project management consultant, general contractor, design/builder for government, private and developer clients.

We provide construction services for the retail, commercial, institutional, residential and health care, pharmaceutical and parking industries.

At Scungio Borst & Associates, we deliver consistent clarity, honesty, passion and talent to bring projects on time and within budget and, most importantly, to the satisfaction of our clients. A repeat client is what we strive to obtain.

Scungio Borst & Associates was founded by Scott Scungio (Scungio & Company) and Phil Borst, two co-workers that had met years before at a common employer. Founded on a fundamental vision of clear, open and honest communication in pursuit of meeting the needs of our clients, our goal is to exceed our clients expectations such that we can confidently be called on again and again to serve.

We have served clients in North America, Europe and Asia while maintaining a strong focus on work within the regional geography of our main office in Camden, New Jersey. We boast of staff that has individually performed on projects that span the globe and run the gamut from the most complicated to the most straightforward. The sum of our collective talents has given Scungio Borst & Associates the experience to provide a unique high level of service. Our ever expanding list of industries served routinely includes the retail, commercial, institutional, residential, hospitality and health care sectors while our individual experience include works in other sectors such as pharmaceutical and parking.